Meet on an hourly basis to address individual needs. Topics could include finalizing the college list, scholarships, college visits, and application review.



Comprehensive advising is ideal for students and families who prefer to work on an individualized basis throughout the entire college journey. 

Students typically start by the beginning of junior year and meet every three weeks. Rising seniors transition to weekly meetings until applications have been submitted, then meet as needed to finalize remaining tasks.  

The program begins with a focus on course selection, extracurricular involvement, standardized testing, and summer activity. Students then work to identify, research, and visit appropriate colleges in an effort to develop a strong list of options. As junior spring arrives, students are coached on how to obtain strong letters of recommendation.

Rising seniors meet each week throughout the summer and fall until the applications have been submitted. The goal is for students to finish most of their applications and essays before the start of school. On average, students complete 35 essays of various lengths. 

After applications are in, students are provided assistance as needed to compare offers of admission and financial aid, submit merit and local scholarships, and move off of a waitlist, if necessary.



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